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Fresh Cheese

Fresh cheese is cheese in its youngest, purest form, loved for its simple but satisfying flavor. The mild and slightly savory flavor complements a huge variety of dishes and ingredients. It’s a delicate dairy product that is characterised with a fresh taste, short shelf life and high sensitivity to temperature during transportation and storage. In this food category you can find the most popular products on the Bulgarian market: mozzarella cheese (natural – cow and buffalo, with basil, Bio), mascarpone and ricotta, as well more exotic products like burrata and manouri.
fresh cheese
cream cheese

Cream Cheese

One of the most popular dairy products in Bulgaria that customers have been consuming for years. This product is remarkably versatile in terms of target customers and the preferred way to enjoy it. Customers can find offerings made with cow and goat milk, original cream cheese, as well as whipped varieties with natural taste or different flavours and decorations (herbs, peppers, garlic, salmon, dry fruits and nuts), choosing between full fat, light, and lactose-free options. Cream cheese is a perfect product for fixing a quick snack, a last minute lunch, or a wholesome and tasty dessert. Different packaging sizes are available for both Retail and Professional clients.

White Cheese in Brine​

This is the most popular and traditional cheese in Bulgaria, or as Bulgarians like to call it – just cheese. Cheese experts like us know that the most important thing for making high-quality delicious cheese is to preserve it in a tin-container, soaked in its original brine. This specific preservation technique ensures that the taste of the cheese remains fresh and mildly creamy, without any foreign unpleasant smells. In our portfolio, there are cheese products in brine made with different types of milk – cow, sheep, and goat.
semi-hard cheese

Semi-hard Cheese

Because semi-hard cheeses usually age for less than 6 months, they are characterised by relatively mild taste and aroma. Our assortment of semi-hard cheese offers a wide range of very delicious different types of yellow cheeses – Gouda, Emmental, Maasdam, Tilsiter, Butterkase, Edam, Scamorza, Cheddar and Havarti. Depending on their preferences, customers can choose from bulk, chunked or shredded varieties of high quality and delicious taste. In this product range we can offer different packaging sizes to better serve the needs of both Retail and Professional customers.

Hard Cheese​

Our hard-cheese portfolio includes the most famous DOP cheeses like Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano and Pecorino Sardo. Thanks to the different packaging variates we offer – flakes, shredded, cubes and chunks – our customers have the chance to choose the option that best matches their needs. In order to popularize this cheese category better, we employ different marketing strategies and initiate various activities in collaboration with the DOP consortiums with a focus on educating, motivating, and managing customers’ choice on the Bulgarian market.
hard cheese
mould cheese

Mould Cheese

The mould cheese category is represented by a wide variety of products and brands because of their popularity and versatile usage. Blue cheese with fat from 50% up to 65%, Gorgonzola, Danish blue, Brie, Camembert and Ripped Coat cheese comprise only a small part of the products in our Mould cheese portfolio. These products are characterised by high market penetration because they are key ingredients in many delicious fresh salads, tasty starters, and hot dishes in modern Bulgarian cuisine.

Milk and Cream

The main products in this category include fresh milk, cream for professional or home use, and milk drinks flavoured with coffee, chocolate and vanilla. When selecting products for our milk and cream portfolio, we strive to find and choose only products with a guarantee for the origin and freshness of the milk. They must also be produced in accordance with the highest hygiene standards and through the use of reliable innovative technologies that warrant their high quality and premium taste.


The butter category is very important for us because of the versatility of the product. Our purpose and responsibility is to deliver to the market the highest quality butter (cow and buffalo), as well as Bio butter, following the trends for a healthier and more sustainable living. Our approach regarding the development of the Butter category is to educate the customers and increase the market size for new healthy spreadable-butter alternatives, without compromising on taste or convenience.

Yogurts and Desserts

Yogurts and desserts is one of the most diverse categories in our portfolio represented by yogurt with different fruit pieces and a variety of flavors, fruit yogurt drinks, puddings and rice puddings. Additionally, there are many seasonal offerings and special edition collections. Skyr is a new type of product with promising potential on the Bulgarian market. Because of its naturally high protein low fat content, it has been embraced very well by Bulgarian customers, especially by those that care deeply about their wellbeing and active living.
yogurt and peaches
fresh pasta

Fresh Pasta

Real pasta should be fresh and Italian and that’s why our whole range consists of real, authentic, Italian pasta. Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Paradelle, Linguine, Fusilli, Tagliolini, Tortelloni, Ravioli or Lasagna sheets – no matter what you choose, you can be sure that the quality is perfect. And you can taste it. Laminated or extruded; gluten free, wholegrain or bio, all of our selected products are made with free range eggs in order to guarantee the taste and the wholesomeness of the product. Moreover, you could add some of our original fresh pasta sauces to make the whole experience even more authentic and Italian.

Meat Delicacies

Meat delicacies represent a food category simply loved by Bulgarian customers who include them in their everyday life and as a part of trendy family dinner parties. That is why our portfolio of meat delicacies consists of high-quality authentic Italian products that have a supreme taste – Prosciutto Crudo, Spianata, Salami Milano and Napoli, Mortadella and Pancetta (sliced and in block), as well as traditional German products like Bratwurst and Leberwurst produced by the best and trustworthy producers in Germany. Meat delicacies make a great choice for a protein-rich snack, a delicious starter or a tasty pizza ingredient!
meat delicacies
antipasti olives


The highlight of this product range are the famous Italian olives – Cerignola black and green, Leccino, Castelvetrano, pitted or not, and coming with different seasoning. They are all fresh packed, without adding any preservatives. In our antipasti portfolio you can also find traditional Italian pesto that you can enjoy with pasta or other dishes. We also offer original tasty humus that is the perfect product for a quick and healthy snack, and a variety of trendy spreads and dips with exotic ingredients and various flavors.