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The Fresh Direct product portfolio contains over 200 premium goods that meet the highest requirements for freshness and delicious taste. It’s customized to address both the trading channel and the customer typology, with utmost accuracy. Our Retail structure allows smooth collaboration with Modern Trade (Cash & Carry, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Discounters, LKA) and Traditional trades (Large Groceries and Small Groceries), and our products reach 150 cities in Bulgaria in the quickest way possible. We also offer assistance for shelf layout, as well as a wide range of specific products and services for the many Professional clients we’re proud to work with.


Our Marketing Team of experienced and devoted professionals is constantly searching for innovative solutions that allow us to better understand the needs of our consumers so that we can improve and develop our brands portfolio. Our mission is to carry out a smooth distribution of products and present our partners with the best current strategies that ensure their products reach the Bulgarian market in a quick, effective, and appealing way. Cooperating with highly professional partners, we implement marketing strategies for effective trade and marketing promotions, including relevant shelf presence for the brands of our suppliers.


Our broad knowledge and deep understanding of the Bulgarian food market allow us to accurately detect and follow new trends, as well as effectively predict upcoming consumer needs and focus on fulfilling them with the freshest products on the market. Our meticulous research and development strategy helps us create and popularize our own brands in the food category. Working in close collaboration with Research and Design teams, we focus on building trustworthy brands which fulfil consumers’ needs accurately and position the products in a superior way.


Fresh Direct is a representative on the Bulgarian market for a number of renowned European manufacturers from Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands and other countries. We have two logistics centers in Sofia and one in Shumen, all three of them operating in accordance with the regulations set by the Bulgarian and European legislation. The logistics centers have their own packaging machines and equipment, a mobile commissioning system and a custom-configured HACCP ERP system from the CSB System (Germany) that allows us to monitor and manage all processes. The logistics centers are all located in accessible and communicative places to facilitate fast and accurate deliveries.


In the storage units and facilities food products are stored at a temperature of + 2 to + 8 ° С.

  • Warehouse Sofia 1: 1200 pallets 
  • Warehouse Sofia 2: 500 pallets
  • Warehouse Shumen: 200 pallets

Fresh Pack

Thanks to the packaging technologies we use, we are proud to provide Modern trade and Retail customers with flexible and tailor made solutions depending on their current strategies and plans for the packaging of various products. Our packaging technologies meet the requirements set by the industry for freshness, safety, and product preservation. Moreover, they allow us to present our customers with innovative ideas and packaging solutions for deli counter products and special offer goods (value added packs, gift packs and promo packs).