New products

Cow cheese in brine De Molen is the newest product in the portfolio of Fresh Direct

This is cheese made in the Netherlands from fresh cow's milk, using traditional methods combined with the latest processing technologies that ensure consistenct quality of the product after production, such as taste, salinity, texture and aroma.
De Molen cheese is preserved in tin cans, soaked in its original brine. This is, without doubt, the best way to package and store this type of cheese in order to keep its freshness and natural creamy taste intact after opening the package, thus warding off any unwanted smells of plastic.
Each box of De Molen cheese contains 2 cheese loaves (each 200 g), which makes it extremely convenient to use and serve. Be it to slices, triangles, wheels or chunks, the cheese can be cut perfectly without falling apart. This makes it a splendid decoration and a festiv addtion to any salad, appetizer or main course. It can to be consumed directly or after grilling on a pan, grill or oven, as the heat treatment doesn’t affect its shape.